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High Waist Corset, Turkish Women's High Waist Shorts, High Waist Compression Corset, High Compression Slip on the Body, Abdomen and Buttocks, Turkish High Waist Slip Corset

High Waist Corset, Turkish Women's High Waist Shorts, High Waist Compression Corset, High Compression Slip on the Body, Abdomen and Buttocks, Turkish High Waist Slip Corset
  • Turkish shapewear, body shaper, high waist tummy control shorts.
  • Turkish women's high waist shorts, mid-thighs underwear.
  • High-waist compression corset shorts for body shaping and for tightening the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs.
  • Turkish high waisted shorts designed to make your tummy more tight and toned.
  • Turkish high waist slip corset.
  • Slip high pressure to tighten the body, abdomen and buttocks
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  • Brand: Mi Korse
  • Model: MI2008
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  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 14.00cm x 6.00cm
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The corsets work to coordinate and sculpt the body in a wonderful way to look more slim and more seductive, thus helping you to get the confidence and beauty you need all the time and will give you a feeling of confidence and lasting comfort.
Short shapewear. High Waist Slip Designed to make your tummy more tight and toned.

The high waist design provides moderate pressure on the middle part of the body, helps in tightening the tummy, presses the stomach area with strict control, gives you a smooth and fit shape, and makes you look more sexy and attractive.
360° back support and tummy tuck shaper and provides firm control throughout your midsection, sexy butt lift and shaper panties very comfortable to wear every day.
High-waisted Turkish shorts with smoothing technology and non-slip silicone! Whether you wear it under a dress or lounge at home... it's a lightweight, breathable corset that stays in place no matter what you're doing.
Women's corset to reduce the size of the waist and abdomen and make you sexy Lift up the buttocks Enjoy your beautiful curves at any time The corset fits smoothly with the body and is very comfortable to wear all day long as you wear nothing.
Seamless Underwear, Waist and Tummy Tights Panties, Shapers the Waist from the Extremities to the Upper Abdomen, The Maternity Corset helps shape your stomach and trim your waist.
Corsets are made of high quality spandex material, very lightweight, durable and comfortable and the corset features anti-slip technology that won't roll down - the fixed waistband features a non-slip silicone strap that keeps your clothes in place all day long and always gives you an hourglass body shape.
Seamless design shorts help to tighten and lift your butt, give you the charming curves you want, and make your charms look sexier and more beautiful.
High-waist design for added coverage without a bumpy surface showing over clothing. It goes with all types of clothes and is designed to fit all body shapes in women and make you feel good Pair it with any dress or outfit without anyone noticing.
Shorts for a slimmer look with a lightweight design for any season fall, winter, spring or summer. Wear underskirts, dresses, jeans, pants and leggings.
Instantly feel supported and slim in all the right places.

Machine washable, simply put it in the washing machine with your colors and dry it on low. Our lingerie shorts are designed with you in mind so you can wear them over and over again!

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