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Delivery Information

  • For customers in the Arabian Gulf region, it is recommended that the single order does not contain more than twenty items. The value of the order is recommended to not exceed 1000 Saudi riyals or the equivalent of local currencies in order to avoid any possible customs duties.
  • For the customers in Egypt, the value of the customs duties on the herbal products may reach 100% of the total value.
  • For customers in other north of Africa, customs duties are updated on the goods listed in the parcels so please see your local laws before ordering from StyleTurk.
  • For customers in Canada, VAT is applied on some shipments (approximate value of 100 $). Please make sure before you submit the order.
  • For customers in the EU region, VAT may be applied to some postal parcels valued at more than 100 $ or equivalent currencies.
  • Customers in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and India are requested to provide thier ID or VAT or Passport numbers to prepare their shipping documents according to the request of the local authorities of these countries.

All of the above information comes in the purpose of fitting with the local laws and to remind our valued customers of the various possible duties on their shipments so that the customer will not be surprised by any unexpected fees.