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Natural Hair Care Set, Nettle Shampoo, Argan Oil hair Mask, Paraben Free

Natural Hair Care Set, Nettle Shampoo, Argan Oil hair Mask, Paraben Free
  • 100% Natural Paraben-free product.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Garlic and Nettle and Argan Oil Hair Mask. 
  • Helps to stop hair loss and regrowth it.
  • Strengthens hair and gives it a shiny look and soft texture.
  • Eliminates dandruff and treats lesions of the scalp.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
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Natural Nettle Shampoo

This Product is Effective in accelerating blood circulation in the scalp skin and stimulating the hair follicles, so it helps against hair loss.

The properties of "Nettle seeds” secure the access of therapeutic benefits to both superficial and deep layers of the skin, and with the activating feature

The product is recommended as an accelerating and stimulating of hair growth


Organic Argan oil Mask 

The main benefits of Argan Oil Hair Mask is that It contains many active substances, which are necessary not only for outer beauty, but also for the health of hair. 

- If you have dandruff or dry scalp, use Argan Oil Hair Mask twice per week until dandruff is gone. Continue on with weekly treatments, or as needed.

- Treating hair loss

Argan Oil Hair Mask helps prevent hair loss by ensuring that you don’t lose more follicles than you’re able to grow – when that happens, hair loss becomes noticeable. 

- Define curls
For those with curls, Argan Oil Hair Mask can help with manageability, and help define those curls for a more beautiful look. 

- Give your hair a shinier, glowing look

- Treat dry, brittle hair

- Argan Oil Hair Mask can be used as a very effective overnight deep conditioning treatment. If your hair is dry and brittle, once a week.

How to use:

For best results, brush the hair before entering the shower to avoid tangling.  

It is recommended to Soak the hair completely with warm water first, Put a small amount of shampoo onto the palm of your hand. The amount of shampoo will vary with hair length and texture; a good estimate is about the size of a dollar/pound coin.
Massage the shampoo into the scalp with your fingertips, not nails. Concentrate on the top of the head. Shampoo the roots and condition the ends until the foam covers the entire hair. Leave it for 2-3 minutes then Rinse the hair with warm water. Rinse all the shampoo out before moving on.

Repeat this process twice during bathing and then dry the hair well.

It is recommended to use shampoo daily for 4 weeks. After the first month, it is best to use it once every three days.

What is Paraben?
Parabens are very powerful protective substances added to cosmetics "cream, lotion, shampoo .." to extend the shelf-life of the products and prevent the growth of bacteria inside.
Why we should use Paraben-free products?
Since Parabens exhibit similar behavior to estrogen in the body, the risk of developing breast cancer in women has increased due to the frequent use of Paraben products.
In order to avoid these risks, Turkish Attar is keen to provide natural Paraben-free products with quality certificates registered by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

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