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Natural Coconut Shampoo, Coconut Extract, Softem, Paraben-free, Silicone, and Colorants Free, For all hair types, 400 ml
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Brand: Softem
Encourages a Healthier Scalp. Reduces Seasonal Dryness. Helps to Slow Hair Loss. Reduces Scalp Infections, Strengthens and Repairs Hair. Moisturizes Scalp and Hair. Fragrances Hair Naturally. The medium chain triglycerides in virgin coconut oil prevent hair breakage and split ends. The regular us..
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Natural Makeup Remover, Makeup Remover with Coconut Oil, Safe for Eyes, Dermatology Tested, Softem, 100ml
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Brand: Softem
Ingredients: Aqua,Cocos nucifera oil,gliceryl stearate, ceteareth – 20,ceteareth-12,cetearyl alcohol,cetyl palmitate,decly oleate,parfüme,benzyl alcohol,methylchloroisothhiazolinone,methylisothiazolinone How to use: Apply a small amount o makeup remover with a small piece of cotton a..
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Snail Cream, Renew your skin, Skin Care, Softem, 100 ML
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Brand: Softem
Benefits Of Snail Cream on skin: Snail Cream contains adenosine, which removes and treats skin wrinkles. It also contains peptide, which prevents skin aging. Snail Cream treats skin irritation, redness, and acne. Snail Cream cleans the pores of the skin and removes the blackheads. Snail Cream re..
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Turkish Extreme Hair Growth Mask, Softmask, Super Formula, Botanical Oils, Paraben Free, Silicon Free, Colorants Free, 200 ML
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Brand: Softem
Softmask botanical oil mixture does not cause any damage to scalp. Strengthens the damaged hair by chemicals, environmental and thermal factors and nourishes it deeply. After application, the hair or scalp does not dry out, the hair does not become oily and does not cause dandruff. It strengthens..
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Turkish Skin Care Oil, Body Care Oil With Natural Olive Oil and Sesame Oil, Sun Protection, Anti-Aging, Paraben-Free, Silicon And Colorants Free, Softem, Intensive Moisturizing 24 Hours, 250 ml
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Brand: Softem
Turkish Skin Care Oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin with olive oil and sesame oil. With the miracle of olive oil, you will notice a soft, supple and smooth appearance to the skin at first use. It is easily absorbed on the skin and does not leave a feeling of greasiness. It can be used o..
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