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Understanding Customs, Tax, and Delivery with StyleTurk

For different regions, regulations vary:

  • For Arabian Gulf Customers: It's advised to keep orders within a scope of 20 items or up to 1000 Saudi riyals to circumvent potential customs charges.
  • Shoppers from Egypt: Caution is advised as some products may have up to 100% customs duties. Always research beforehand.
  • For North African Buyers: Custom duties aren't consistent. Always refer to local guidelines.
  • Regions in Conflict: Please note places such as Syria, Yemen, and similar areas are not eligible for our free shipping offer.
  • Western Consumers: In regions like the EU and Canada, VAT might apply to certain packages.
  • About StyleTurk: Not just a typical store, we present a selection of Turkish items for your personal needs. We aim to keep you informed about possible customs fees, eliminating unexpected costs.




Navigating Shipping with StyleTurk

  • Delivery Partners: Collaborating with renowned carriers like FedEx, DHL, SMSA, and Aramex, our global outreach is extensive.
  • Shipping Responsibilities and Terms: We handle shipping from Turkey. However, any customs duties or added taxes are the buyer's responsibility. Familiarize yourself with your country's customs regulations.
  • Shipping Exceptions: Regions impacted by conflict or other high-risk areas may not qualify for our complimentary shipping deals.
  • Delivery Details: We offer two delivery attempts to the provided address. Should a delivery be missed or refused, it can be collected from the local courier's branch.
  • Our Shipping Process: Once we confirm your order, we quickly send out your selected Turkish items, targeting a 5-7 business day delivery period.
  • Duties and Restrictions: We can't cover extra import fees in some countries.
  • Possible Delays: Unforeseen factors like adverse weather or security screenings can occasionally affect the delivery timeline. Such issues are outside of StyleTurk's influence.

Payment Upon Receipt: Enhancing Your Options

StyleTurk is thrilled to provide Cash on Delivery (COD) options worldwide, granting you more flexibility during checkout. While some regions may not be eligible due to their logistical and customs practices, we aim to broaden our COD offerings continually. A special mention for our valued patrons in KSA and UAE: StyleTurk will absorb customs charges, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience. Remember that COD purchases have a cap of Saudi Riyal 500 for certain GCC countries, and our complimentary shipping deals don’t apply to COD purchases.