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100% Natural Hemp Cream, Foot Care Cream, Cracked Heels Treatment, 50 Ml

100% Natural Hemp Cream, Foot Care Cream, Cracked Heels Treatment, 50 Ml
  • A 100% natural cream
  • High content of Hemp extracted in the most modern ways.
  • Regular use of the product ensures a smooth foot without cracks.
  • It is used to moisturize feet and heal unwanted cracks.
  • Magic product for soft feet that reflect your femininityThe product has no side effects.
  • The product does not contain any of the following derivatives: paraffin, paraben, gelatin, silicon, animal additives, preservatives, dyes, which makes it 100% natural and safe.
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Indian hemp cream, which contains the unique properties of this distinctive plant, works to treat cracks in the feet, and get rid of the manifestations of bad dehydration of the feet, it is especially enjoying moisture and rebuilding cells again.


How to use:

Gently apply at least twice to clean skin after washing and drying.
This product is for external use only


What is paraffin?

Paraffin is a very powerful protective substance added to cosmetics "cream, lotion, shampoo .." to extend the shelf-life of the products and prevent the growth of bacteria inside.

Why we should use Paraffin-free products?

Since Paraffins exhibit similar behavior to estrogen in the body, the risk of developing breast cancer in women has increased due to the frequent use of paraffin products.

In order to avoid these risks, Turkish Attar is keen to provide natural paraffin-free products with quality certificates registered by the Turkish Ministry of Health.


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