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Butt Enlargement Corset, Turkish Slip Corset, Corset One Piece

Butt Enlargement Corset, Turkish Slip Corset, Corset One Piece
  • Turkish slip has a beautiful and attractive design.
  • It works to raise and rotate the buttocks.
  • Turkish corset that works to tighten the buttocks.
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  • Brand: Mi Korse
  • Model: MI2001
  • Dimensions: 18.00cm x 22.00cm x 6.00cm
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The corset is an element of obtaining a beautiful, slim and harmonious appearance. It is an essential element of the underwear group and a distinctive element, but there is an important point to focus on when choosing your corset. A smaller corset does not mean thinner and greater proportion, but the reality is the opposite as a result of the discomfort and high tension on the body. the body.

Turkish corset that works to tighten the buttocks and features a sponge filling to give shape and volume to the buttocks and enlarge it and it has very flat seams so it is not visible under your clothes.

A panty that enlarges the butt naturally without showing panty lines, this panty is made with super soft and comfortable fabric so it can comfortably enhance your buttocks all day and all night.

Butt lift briefs add bulk and a naturally rounded shape, and the extra padding helps you sit more comfortably.

Turkish shorts, thanks to the superior technology of seamless knitting, gives shape and firmness to the buttocks and does not prevent the movement of blood in the capillaries and provides comfort in use with all types of clothing because it does not contain any trace of stitching.

Turkish boxer lined from the inside with an inner layer that works on strong tension for the abdomen and buttocks area, and an outer layer of medium tension for a more flattering fit.

Turkish slip has a beautiful design to get a greater tightening and consistency of the buttocks area, as it works to raise the butt and rotate it in an attractive and seductive way and to obtain lasting comfort during daily wear and without causing allergies. times and occasion.

This corset works without showing it under clothes on the coordination of the buttocks and hides the fat deposits and pushes them to the buttock area to get more sexy and seduction, you can be more confident and more assured when you use this corset.

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