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Arcelik 3300 Red Ground Turkish Coffee Maker, Turkish Coffee Machines, coffe maker,Espresso makers, Best home espresso machine,Small coffee maker

Arcelik 3300 Red Ground Turkish Coffee Maker, Turkish Coffee Machines, coffe maker,Espresso makers, Best home espresso machine,Small coffee maker
  • Arçelik 3300 Turkish Coffee Machine, which offers you many benefits with its design and functional features, increases your life energy with the coffee you cook.
  • best fully automatic espresso machine You can make your coffee safely thanks to the automatic shut-off system with the safety of overflow and overheating.
  • Mini coffee machine with Cook Sense technology, you can cook your coffee to the perfect texture, without waiting for it to notify you when your coffee is ready thanks to the audio and visual warning system.
  • best coffee brewer Spill-resistant technology, which prevents overflow, provides protection against potential accidents.
  • cute coffee maker ,you can save time because the coffee drip machine can be controlled with one button, very easy to use and maintain.
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  • Brand: Arçelik
  • Model: HBV00000T0XBR
  • Weight: 1.88kg
  • Dimensions: 17.90cm x 15.70cm x 23.70cm
  • SKU: HBV00000T0XBR
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The Arçelik 3300 Turkish Coffee Maker saves space with its compact design

Turkish coffee machine gives a great taste of Turkish coffee that they can prepare in a short time.

Home espresso machine that are produced for you to drink Turkish coffee in its full consistency attract attention with its various features and designs.

With Turkish coffee makers, you can quickly and easily prepare the coffee you want to drink to relieve fatigue.

Turkish coffee machines are distinguished by their beautiful design and the ability to be used comfortably in places such as offices and homes.

Best coffee maker 2021 Thanks to the Turkish coffee machine, you can prepare delicious coffee for your loved ones in a short time and continue your conversation as you wish.

The cheapest coffee machine is the choice of everyone who turns Turkish coffee into an important part of their life.

The Turkish coffee maker adds an aesthetic look to your kitchen with its simple and elegant design

Coffee machines make your life easier with their practical use.

Turkish coffee machines offer you the taste of traditional Turkish coffee with a modern cooking method, your drink is ready in a few minutes thanks to the rapid cooking technology.

Professional Home Coffee Machine Cook Sense technology that detects cooking allows you to prepare Turkish coffee to the perfect consistency without having to wait for your coffee.

Uses a coffee machine that allows you to cook coffee to be ready to serve your guests quickly.

Coffee Maker Anti-Spill technology provides an additional safety system against unwanted accidents by preventing overflow.

cheap coffee maker is very easy to use and clean and saves time and effort.

good coffee maker The overflow safety system, overheating safety system and the machine's automatic shutdown system protect your safety.

Arçelik 3300 Single Ground Turkish Coffee Machine - Red Features
Cup Capacity: 3 Cups
Power: 670(W)
Auto Shutdown: Yes
Color: Red
There is an Audible Warning
Water Capacity: 400 ml
No Water Level Indicator
Surplus safety exists

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