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2-in-1 PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint for Lip & Cheek Peach 11ml - Effortless Radiance

2-in-1 PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint for Lip & Cheek Peach 11ml - Effortless Radiance
  • Dual-Use Tint: The PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Tint is perfect for adding a peachy hue to both lips and cheeks.
  • Water-Resistant: Achieve a lasting natural tint that resists water and stays fresh.
  • Quick Absorption: Enjoy the lightweight formula that absorbs quickly for a natural tint without the wait.
  • Sebum Control: The tint is formulated with Salicylic Acid for a balanced, shine-free glow.
  • Nourishing Ingredients: Enriched with Vitamin B5 for a regenerating effect, enhancing the natural lip and cheek tint.
  • Soft Application: A special soft-brush applicator ensures an even and smooth application of the tint.
  • Non-Sticky Formula: The lip and cheek tint ensures a smooth finish without any stickiness for comfortable wear.
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2-in-1 PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint for Lip & Cheek Peach 11ml - Dual-Use Color and Care


Why is PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint for Lip & Cheek Peach a must-have for a natural makeup look?


For those who covet a dual-purpose product that delivers a soft, peachy tint with the care of skin-friendly ingredients, PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint for Lip & Cheek Peach is your answer. This tint offers more than just color—it's a blend of nourishment and style, fortified with Salicylic Acid to balance sebum and Vitamin B5 for skin protection. Whether you're looking for a subtle flush on your cheeks or a kiss of color on your lips, this tint provides a durable, vibrant finish that feels as good as it looks. With its water-resistant and fast-absorbing nature, the tint promises an enduring, natural look that can stand up to the day's challenges.


Benefits of PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint for Lip & Cheek Peach

Immerse yourself in the benefits of PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint for an enhanced beauty routine:

  • Versatile Color: A single product to give your lips and cheeks a healthy, natural tint.
  • Durable Wear: The tint offers a robust color payoff that withstands daily activities.
  • Balanced Skin Care: It regulates oil while delivering a dose of Vitamin B5 for healthy skin beneath the tint.
  • Simple and Elegant: The natural peach tint is designed for ease of application, perfect for any occasion.


Ingredients Table:

Ingredient Purpose Benefit to Tint
Salicylic Acid      Sebum Balance, Antiseptic               Promotes a clear complexion beneath the tint
Vitamin B5 Repairing, Regenerating Nurtures skin health, enhancing the tint's appearance


The Clarifying Power of Salicylic Acid in Tints

Salicylic Acid isn't just for clarity; in our tint, it ensures your natural color stays put without the shine, enhancing the tint’s adherence and longevity.

Vitamin B5: Nourishment in Every Tint

Beyond color, Vitamin B5 infuses your skin with healing properties, making our tint a caretaker for your natural beauty.


FAQs: All About PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint 

  1. Is this tint suitable for daily use on both lips and cheeks? Absolutely, it’s crafted for everyday beauty, adding a natural tint with each application.

  2. Will this tint dry out my skin? Not at all, the tint is formulated with hydrating ingredients to maintain skin moisture.

  3. How long will the tint last on my skin? Designed for endurance, the tint stays vibrant for hours, giving you a lasting natural hue.

  4. Can the PROCSIN tint help in balancing oily skin? Yes, with Salicylic Acid, it helps manage sebum while providing a beautiful tint.

  5. How can I achieve the best application? Use the soft brush for a smooth tint on the lips and cheeks, blending with fingertips if necessary.

  6. Does the tint have a natural or synthetic hue? The peach tint is inspired by natural tones, perfect for enhancing your inherent beauty.

How To Use PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint for Lip & Cheek Peach

For a captivating natural tint, apply the product evenly using the soft brush applicator to lips and cheeks. The tint can be blended with fingertips for a seamless finish. Its fast-absorbing, water-resistant formula makes it suitable for daily use.

Embrace the dual benefits of color and care with PROCSIN Kiss & Bloom Natural Tint. The special formula not only provides a charming peach hue but also takes care of your skin with Salicylic Acid and Vitamin B5, highlighted in bold to signify their importance in this unique tint.

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